• Induction is Prime Mover in Accelerated Cooking

    Posted: 8th May 2016

    Comment from Steve Elliott, Valentine and Cuisinequip National Sales Manager Chefs are using induction cooking for its rapid heating and precise controllability in a range of foodservice settings from...
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  • Cuisinequip Adds Berner Induction to Range

    Posted: 7th May 2016

    Valentine Equipment’s sister company Cuisinequip is introducing a range of new equipment to the UK from German manufacturer Berner. Following a visit to the Internorga catering and foodservice trade...
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  • A New Star When it Comes to Cooking Versatility

    Posted: 6th May 2016

    Cusinequip has added the new Berner Kombi-Star induction cooking hob to complement the growing range of induction technology from Berner it offers to professional kitchens in the UK. The Kombi-Star hob...
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  • Germane Solution for 45 Jermyn St at Fortnum’s

    Posted: 5th May 2016

    Looking for proven and high quality foodservice equipment CCE Group approached Valentine Equipment and sister company Cuisinequip to assist in the design of an island induction cooking suite for the kitchen...
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  • Cuisinequip at Heart of Kitchen in New Polpo Brighton

    Posted: 4th May 2016

    The bespoke cooking solution for Polpo Chelsea designed and delivered by CCE Group has now been launched at Polpo’s latest opening in Brighton. The project comes from Polpo Group’s experience...
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  • Hotelympia 2016

    Posted: 3rd May 2016

    At Hotelympia Cuisinequip will exhibit a larger range of range of induction equipment giving more choice for small and large operators. Part of this will include the recently introduced induction technology...
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  • Cuisinequip Introduce Locher Induction

    Posted: 2nd May 2016

    To compliment and strengthen its range of induction cooking solutions Cuisinequip has launched the complete range from respected German manufacturer Locher’s 700 Series. The Locher portfolio includes...
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  • The ‘Monarca’ of Pasta Machines

    Posted: 1st May 2016

    Cuisinequip is Valentine Equipment’s sister company specialising in some of the world’s finest professional kitchen equipment and technology from respected and cutting edge brands including:...
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