Hotelympia 2016

At Hotelympia Cuisinequip will exhibit a larger range of range of induction equipment giving more choice for small and large operators. Part of this will include the recently introduced induction technology systems from German manufacturer Berner. The induction griddles and salamanders offer fast heating and precise control for frying and grilling.

Working with partner CCE Group, leaders in designing and delivering first class professional kitchens, Cuisinequip was asked to supply one of its induction salamander units to renowned restaurant group Galvin Restaurants. The feedback speaks for itself: “The Cuisinequip Salamander is one of the best I have worked with in almost 30 years, it’s very user friendly and efficient, ” Jeff Galvin, Chef/Patron, Galvin Restaurants.

Adding to the versatility of its induction range Cuisinequip recently introduced the Berner Kombi-Star induction cooking hob. The Kombi-Star hob gives chefs control and versatility over a range of cooking methods allowing them to deliver a range of dishes. With a range of drop-in accessories the single induction unit can be used as a griddle, wok, pasta cooker, bain-marie or simply as an induction hob.


New products from high quality German manufacturer Locher including the 207203 Four Zone Induction Cooker and 207471 Bratt Pan will feature on the Cuisinequip/Valentine stand.

Complementing the induction equipment on display at Hotelympia Cuisinequip will offer a selection of premium induction cookware from Spanish manufacturer Pujadas, and of course the range of high quality fryers from sister company Valentine.

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