Cuisinequip Adds Taurus Group Equipment

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Following impressive demonstrations of two key professional food preparation systems Cuisinequip is offering the Mycook and Rowzer systems from the Taurus Group to customers in the UK and Ireland.

“Mycook is a great tool for busy kitchens with limited space and kitchen staff as it is an all-in-one food preparation system that cooks, sautés, mixes, grinds, emulsifies, kneads, shakes, light fries, melts, powders and steams. The processes are based on the clever application of induction heating which not only saves time through rapid, highly controllable heating, but also reduces costs through energy efficiency,

“The Mycook system will also be very useful for chefs and development kitchens working on new dishes and new menus allowing them to test different ingredients and cooking methods very easily,” comments Steve Elliott, sales director for Valentine Equipment and Cuisinequip.

The Rowzer goes in the opposite direction to the Mycook and uses its capability to rapidly process a wide range of frozen food ingredients to offer foodservice operators the capability to tailor-make a range of bespoke dishes including fantastic ice-cream.

Talking about the introduction of the Rowzer to Cuisinequip’s range, Steve adds, “As we see a rapid rise in healthy eating out-of-home, using fruit and vegetables, the Rowzer is an excellent compact tool to meet the demand for vegan and vegetarian dishes as it process high quality frozen fruits and vegetables to produce an array of dishes and desserts and especially ice-cream on demand that retains amazing flavour.

“The Rowzer’s important feature is the fact that is processes ingredients in their frozen state at -20˚C locking in flavour and nutrients and cutting waste. For example it can easily make velvety ice-cream right when it is ordered using the freshest seasonal ingredients and producing just as many portions as customers’ request.”


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