A New Star When it Comes to Cooking Versatility

Cusinequip has added the new Berner Kombi-Star induction cooking hob to complement the growing range of induction technology from Berner it offers to professional kitchens in the UK.

The Kombi-Star hob gives chefs control and versatility over a range of cooking methods allowing them to deliver a range of dishes. With a range of drop-in accessories the single induction unit can be used as a griddle, wok, pasta cooker, bain-marie or simply as an induction hob.


The new hob and its accessories add an extra dimension to the Cuisinequip range of foodservice equipment as Steve Elliott, National Sales Manager for Valentine Equipment and Cuisinequip, explains, “Our Kombi-Star shows that offering multi-use can improve quality in a kitchen with a piece of equipment that is adaptable, well designed and constructed, and easy to use. The impact for chefs can be significant simply through the versatility, control and small footprint of the unit; at its largest in the pasta cooker mode at 405x400x170mm.”

Key features:

• Rapid heat-up and precise control
• Touch-screen control
• Griddle, Wok, Pasta Cooker and Bain-marie drop-in accessories
• Replaceable grease filter



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